Thank you to Dr. Stuart Iglesias

We would like to recognize and express our appreciation for the contributions of Dr. Stuart Iglesias


Dr. Iglesias joined the instructing team of SURG 518: Surgical Care in Canada’s Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities with Global Comparisons in 2020. He brought richness to the discussions with his experience with his training in surgical, anesthesia, and maternity skills, and having spent his  career in the small rural surgical programs of western Canada – Bella Bella, Sechelt, Hinton. He published extensively on the benefits of, and challenges to, the sustainability of these smaller programs. More recently, he has been a champion of “task-sharing” in high-quality networks of care that are inclusive of the regional and rural/remote specialist and non specialist workforces. He has been the Lead for Rural Surgery for the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada since its inception. He has passed this role on to the Branch’s Dr. Ryan Falk.

Dr. Iglesias will be stepping down from his co-instructing role and his contributions will be missed by students and his fellow co-instructors. Thank you, Stu!