Educate Future Global Surgical Care Leaders

Help us expand the world’s only international online graduate surgical care program and build surgical care capacity globally to address the disparity of five billion people worldwide lacking access to basic surgical care. Have a profound impact on increasing the number of skilled and knowledgeable surgeons working in disadvantaged regions of the world.

Many of our SURG course alumni and others are now pursuing full- or part-time careers in international surgical care.

Surgeons and residents have little time to spare, so the academic training provided is in a format – primarily online, with a practicum component in the field – that enables students to continue serving their community while also receiving valuable training that enhances their ability to bring their practice and skill set to low-resource settings.

Your donation provides critical support to continue and grow our Master and Graduate Certificate in Global Surgical Care, the only programs of their kind seeking to address the global need for surgical care in vulnerable and under served communities of the world. Funds may be directed towards operational support, course instruction and development, or to fund our travel and research awards which provide opportunities for deserving students and residents to further their research and conduct field practicums in low resource settings.

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MGSC Bursary Award Fund

The Master of Global Surgical Care’s bursary award program for international learners will play a key role in engaging a cohort of students who otherwise would not be able to enroll in graduate studies. This award will allow surgeons and trainees from low-income countries to take the online Master’s program, ultimately equipping them to address the growing need of surgical care for those who need it the most.

A portion of the paid tuition fees are allocated to this award each year. However, it is not enough. As such, we are actively seeking to raise funds for the bursary award program. Your support will create new opportunities for surgical training to enhance care for patients in need around the world.

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From 2009 –2017, BGSC offered Research Awards and Project Travel Awards to students and residents. Our past awards were generously funded by the Canadian Network for International Surgery (CNIS), the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and Medtronic. We are deeply appreciative of their past support.

Your donation is a unique opportunity to contribute in a tangible way to growing global surgical care capacity and education for deserving individuals who are surgical care students and residents. View Awards to see examples of what your future donations could support.