Students with an interest in global surgical care but who do not wish to complete a full graduate program can enroll in SURG 510 or SIRG 517 independently of the Graduate Certificate or Master’s Degree. For more info please click here.

SURG 510 (3): Surgical Care in International Health

Students will examine the historical beginnings, the reasons for the emergence of surgical care in the public health agenda and the details of the global burden of surgical care need. They will explore the wide spectrum of volunteerism, ethics related to clinical care and research in low resource settings, guidelines for activity (projects, programs, partnerships) and the role of advocacy in global surgical care. Learn more

SURG 512 (3): Global Disability: A Surgical Care Mandate

Students will critique current models addressing the fact that globally; one billion people live with a disability of whom 80% live in resource-limited settings which further compounds the family and public burden. Discussion focuses on frameworks for advocacy and alleviating the global burden of surgical disability. Learn more

SURG 514 (3): Surgical Care in Humanitarian Disaster Response

Students will examine the current status of global activity by national and international responders to both natural and conflict-related humanitarian disasters with particular emphasis on the role of surgical care. Learn more

SURG 516 (3): Program Planning and Evaluation in Surgical Care Low Resource Settings

Students will explore key concepts, ethical approaches and practices, and practical skills development for planning and evaluation in surgical care. Prerequisite: SURG 510. Learn more

SURG 517 (3): Clinical Research Methods for Surgical Procedures with Global Surgical Comparisons

This course is intended to introduce learners in surgical care to surgical clinical research methods. The course will emphasize approaches to clinical research that are different for surgical research compared to medical research. Students will learn many aspects of the research process from research proposal development, to data analysis and statistical methods used in surgical research, to grant writing. This course will also provide an opportunity for students to learn about systematic reviews, quality improvement and assurance, and technology evaluation in surgical research. Learn more

SURG 518 (3): Surgical Care in Canada’s Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities with Global Comparisons

Students will critique the current and historical provision of surgical care services to indigenous communities in Canada and globally. They will draw on indigenous voices to examine challenges and opportunities confronting both the clinician and the service delivery system, embracing lessons learned from these communities. The course will promote critical thinking on, and ultimately will improve the provision of surgical care services to indigenous communities in Canada and abroad. Prerequisite: SURG 510. Learn more

SURG 542 (3): Directed Study in Global Surgical Care

Students will carry out an exhaustive search of the world literature, on a global surgical care topic. Topics will be chosen by the student in the specialty discipline in consultation with a faculty advisor to support in-depth learning of the current state of knowledge in that topic and to explore knowledge deficits that need to be addressed. This course will promote knowledge acquisition and critical thinking for the student and contribute significantly to the education of peers and to UBC’s Global Surgical Care knowledge repository. Prerequisites: SURG 510, SURG 512, SURG 514, and SURG 517. Learn more

SURG 560 (6): Global Surgical Care Field Practicum

Students will complete an on-site field placement “grounding” their knowledge and skills attained in the other courses of the program. It will enable students to synthesize the knowledge gained from the coursework, transfer their knowledge to one aspect of International Surgical Care practice, and demonstrate achievement of the Master’s program learning objectives. A high level written report will be the main evaluated component and could well provide the basis for a publication or for a major conference presentation. Prerequisites: SURG 510, SURG 512, SURG 514, SURG 516, and SURG 517. Learn more

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