SURG 516: Program Planning and Evaluation in Surgical Care Low Resource Settings

In this course, students will explore key concepts, ethical approaches and practices, and practical skills development for planning and evaluation in surgical care.

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: SURG 510.



Upon successful completion of this course learners will:

  • explain basic elements of program planning and evaluation in surgical care and illustrate linkages between health program planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation
  • distinguish, examine, and assess different evaluation approaches
  • understand professional standards, ethical guidelines, importance of community engagement, and the role of stakeholder involvement in program planning and evaluation
  • develop program logic models and understand the linkages between their component parts
  • apply a health program planning model and formulate an assessment plan for a particular population in a local or global context, including the use of relevant and appropriate data, information sources, and tools

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“The practical experience of working with club foot project was something practical and inspiring to me especially considering that have a lot is happening in similar projects but the testimony of how it become sustainable was great. The materials were also really helpful..”


“Very helpful instructor. [Their] comments in discussion were very helpful to make me think critically. Always available to answer questions and help out. Appreciated [them] as an instructor.”


“Overall I found the course very valuable and interesting in regards to relevance to global surgical care. I had no knowledge regarding project planning and evaluation prior to this course and I found it a very good introduction. I am sure I will go back to principles I learned in this course as I go forward in my career.”


“[The instructor] was exceptionally engaging and thoughtful in [their] weekly module discussion. [They are] passionate and very knowledgeable in the course content and was always helpful. Thank you for such a great course!”


“I really appreciated [the instructor]’s enthusiasm and care in teaching this course. For myself, not being familiar with these ideas before, [they] presented the important material clearly, and [they seem] to really like teaching.”