SURG 510: Surgical Care in International Health

In this online course, students will examine the historical beginnings, the reasons for the emergence of surgical care in the public health agenda and the details of the global burden of surgical care need.

Credits: 3

They will explore the wide spectrum of volunteerism, ethics related to clinical care and research in low resource settings, guidelines for activity (projects, programs, partnerships) and the role of advocacy in global surgical care.

Upon successful completion of this course learners will have:

  • an increased understanding of the global status of unmet surgical need
  • a broader appreciation of the ethical issues, the role of advocacy, and the models of surgical care education in international surgery
  • knowledge of the need for injury prevention strategies and for global maternal mortality and morbidity solutions
  • new perspectives on the spectrum of involvement in international surgical activities including volunteerism
  • familiarity with the principles of development in international surgery

What our students had to say:

“The course spacing and the content were very well paced and gathered evidences and critical thinking as the course progressed.”

“I think the modular nature of the course actually encouraged reading compared with the instructor dealing with everything in a didactic style lecture. I liked review articles to get a general sense of the issues, then moving on to more detailed readings as needed.”

“It was very valuable to have the experiences and perspectives of students and staff who had carried already missions and projects in low resource settings. This will help guide our future projects significantly.”

“The online modules were a joy to follow, the writing, articles, and videos were well done.”

“Excellent resources to provide foundation into global surgery. Appreciated the personal anecdotes shared by classmates & instructors.”

“I would consider this course to be absolutely essential for anyone wishing to be involved in global surgery development. I have volunteered for many years but have never had such an in–depth discussion about global surgery. The discussions about advocacy and the ethics were superb. Such discussions should be essential for anyone wishing to provide their services in low income countries. Years ago this never took place.”

“I am aware of colleagues who wish to engage in volunteerism. I will be strongly advising them to take a course prior to doing so. There is no question they will gain more from their experiences end it is hopeful they will provide much greater benefit.”

“Not so many years ago courses like this did not exist. As one of the instructors indicated discussion and education like this has ramped up at a dramatic speed. I hope that various volunteering agencies will make this kind of education essential or at least strongly recommend it before one proceeds.”

“Lots of content to support learning, enjoyed weekly discussion boards and having 2 major assignments. Great opportunity for networking and learning from other students in the course.”

“Impressive literature review. Thought–provoking videos. Great Zoom discussion. I found the Advocacy assignment very educational and valuable and a highlight of my takeaway from this course. Very impressive breadth of experience of the instructors. [Instructor] was outstanding in their knowledge and encouragement.”

“I love all the topics we covered and I felt they were all very valuable, I think this course did a good job of outlining global surgery which obviously is hard to do. Discussion questions prompted good convo.”

“[The course] provided an excellent introduction to the many facets of global surgery. All of the faculty were responsive and stimulating in their discussions. I learnt a lot from the course and hopefully will put it to good use in my leadership role with an international NGO.”

“Super interesting course, I definitely learned a lot from it. Online module formats and discussions worked better than I anticipated. Having some virtual meetings was also a good addition to put names to faces for other students.”

“The instructor was largely instrumental in my completing the course, especially with the encouragement and kind words.”