Course Registration

Course registration is done through your Student Account. In order to log in, you must have a campus-wide login.

For registration in our courses

To browse, search, or directly register in course offerings, log into your Student Account and click ‘Course Schedule’. For registration in our courses:

  1. Go to Registration > Add/Drop Courses.
  2. Fill out required fields for desired course(s), provided below.
    1. SURG 510 99A
    2. SURG 512 99A
    3. SURG 514 99C
    4. SURG 516 99C
    5. SURG 517 999
    6. SURG 518 99C
    7. SURG 542 99A
    8. SURG 560 99B
  3. Click ‘Register’

Creating a CWL

  1. Activate your ID
  2. Click ‘Create new CWL’
  3. Enter your name and email; create an original login name that fits UBC requirements
  4. Select ‘Student & Alumni’; enter your student# and SSC password
    1. Student#: Your 8 digit student number
    2. SSC password: Your password is your date of birth YYMMDD
  5. You will then create your own new password; set recovery questions for security in the event you do not remember your password; and activate your account.

Course Registration Tutorial

For a quick tutorial on how to register for classes through SSC, watch the UBC Course Registration Overview video. [/accordion]

For tuition fee due dates, please check your Student Account. You can also use your account on the Student Service Centre to check final grades after finishing the course term.