Graduate Feature: Sydney Girard

Sydney Girard is a radiation therapist who has worked across Canada primarily in centres that serve northern and rural communities with diverse populations (Aboriginal, French, and immigrant). Currently, she works at the North Eastern Cancer Centre in Sudbury Ontario as well as with the local Public Health Unit in the COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Her interest in taking the MGSC at this stage of her career was to continue to build a valuable foundation enabling her to achieve her ultimate goal of bridging the gap to accessible care for low resource populations.

In order to gain experience in project management, her short term goal is to join a research team that is spearheading the rollout of a health care initiative. One such team she is looking to join assesses the needs of aboriginal children in communities across the North to better direct resources and funds.

Sydney’s mid and long term goals include using the knowledge she has gained in the MGSC to conduct her own research, create a sustainable health care delivery project from the ground up, and one day run a clinic/hospital.