Graduate Feature: Ryan Falk

Ryan Falk is a family physician who practices with Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) in the Beaufort Delta Region of the NWT.  He is committed to improving surgical services in rural and remote parts of Canada — in addition to his final research project in the Master’s program, which focused on the delivery of surgical care to a mostly indigenous population of the Western Canadian Arctic, he is the chair of 2 national committees related to ESS.  He hopes to use the skills he developed in the Masters’s program to continue research in that field, as well as to pursue his interest in the role of generalists collaborating with specialists in the provision of surgical care globally.

Dr. Falk is an adjunct professor in the Branch for International Surgical Care as he is joining the instructor team for SURG 518 – SURG 518 99C 2020W Surgical Care in Canada’s Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities with Global Comparisons.

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