Congratulations to Dr. Brian Cameron on His Retirement!

Please join us in extending sincere thanks and gratitude for Dr. Brian Cameron’s contributions to the Branch for Global Surgical Care over the years.

Dr. Cameron was a co-instructor of SURG 510 since 2019. He was a Professor of Pediatric Surgery and Director of the International Surgery Desk at McMaster University. Brian Cameron improved both training and access to surgical care in Uganda, Guyana and Fiji over his career, earning recognition from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC).

His global surgery experience started with four years as a general surgeon, faculty, and acting Dean of the Fiji School of Medicine. At McMaster, Dr. Cameron coordinated partnerships and visiting surgical trainees from Uganda and Guyana as well as teaching global health students and networking faculty and residents involved in surgical care through the MacGlObAS collaborative.

Thank you Dr. Cameron for your significant contributions to the field of global surgical care and especially the time you served as a co-instructor at BGSC.

Best wishes to Dr. Cameron and happy retirement!

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