BISC participates in 2020 MedTech Cafés

BISC is partnering with Engineers in Scrubs (EiS) at the UBC School of Biomedical Engineering to participate in the MedTech Café Events again this Fall.




Through this program, sessions are organized which are an opportunity for Faculty to present an idea about a problem they have encountered in a LMIC healthcare facility. Biomedical engineering students from UBC will work collaboratively to find and present a novel biomedical engineering solution. Design teams will work on selected projects under the mentorship and guidance of experienced professors, med-tech innovators, and business experts.

Events are held virtually this year. BISC Faculty and other stakeholders participated in the MedTech MedTech Cafés on Monday, September 21 and Friday, October 9.

Past projects that have been selected can be viewed here.

We look forward to seeing the solutions the students will find to address challenges faced in low-resource setting surgical care.